Happy (UK) Mother’s Day!

Today’s a day where I join the ranks of all other mothers, all other superheroes in the world.

It is very surreal to know that this holiday now applies to me.  I know I have been a mother for a short period of time but the moment my first contraction kicked in, I knew I deserved to be celebrated (daily :P).

I can be humble or modest about certain skills or aspects of my life, but on Mother’s Day, I strongly believe I deserve to be thanked, congratulated and praised for what I have accomplished.  I have cared for this very special creature, God’s child, for X amount of days on this earth.  No matter how “hard” or “easy” your child is… it’s a lot of work and worrying to be a mother.

My newfound boldness, bravery, selflessness, love, and determination has me dumbfounded and in awe of myself.  The way I manage to strap her on and carry her around London in the carrier, or bring the stroller and then the car seat up and down two flights of stairs with that days groceries or other bags, or the fact that I have kept this tiny human being alive … are all facts that should be celebrated.

The day I gave birth was the day I became a superhero. Yes, I am being bold, I am arrogant, but I believe these are the traits that will carry me on to continue to be bold, brave, selfless, loving and determined.

A very happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s out there!

Ps.  I will be celebrating both UK & US Mother’s Day.  Anyone know what date the Korean, Italian, Dominican, and Swedish ones are?  We do celebrate the fact that we are multi-racial ;)