In about 24 hours I will get my husband back!

We will be able to go out with friends, enjoy brunches, plan trips away… Our conversations will not be filled on bricks, gear or nutrition. We can be “normal” again, we can be shwalms. I will get my husband back!

As I tucked him into bed, I had to hold back the tears. Tears of fear, anxiety and pride. Tears of joy, knowing that I will get my husband back!

During these past eight months as he trained for Ironman U.S. Championship, I wished I could have seen him more, I wished things didn’t cost so much and I wished he didn’t have to endure all the stress and injuries. I wished for the day that I would get my husband back.

But as I sit here reflecting, every moment was worth it. The countless hours of training was not just a preparation of his body but also his mind and soul. Through this he has learned the meaning of diligence, determination and devotion. The triple Ds that are applicable throughout life, and ones that will separate him from the rest. The triple Ds that guide the 1/10th of 1% of the world’s population to accomplish great feats.

In about 24 hours, I will get my husband back. One that is more diligent, determined and devoted. The greatest husband, future father, and man of God. I love you, RPC.

♥ The proudest crazy Asian lady with an awesome T-shirt screaming her lungs off!